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Services Offered

Business Counseling and Business Planning


JRC will provide clients with an individualize approach that is designed to their specific needs. Preparing a business plan is one of the most essential aspects of owning a company. Its importance lies in the mental exercises and concentration that are required to order and produce that document. JRC will ensure that your business plan reflects the particulars of your business and its specific needs. Clients will receive one-on-one counseling to evaluate and assess business weaknesses and provided with educational opportunities for expansion and growth.


Grant Writing Assistance

Clients who are seeking responses to “Show Me The Money” will be afforded an opportunity to seek grants especially designed to assist them in meeting their objectives. JRC will make your specific project fit the funder’s guidelines. JRC will make your grant project work for you!


Management and Technical Assistance

JRC conducts individual and group training for small business owners who are interested in taking their business to the next level. JRC provides training on a wide array of topics from marketing, accessing government and corporate contracts, managing cash flow, hiring and keeping good employees, and many many others. Many small business owners consider marketing to be just advertising and selling. They don’t consider additional techniques available to them. JRC will provide forums whereby speakers share approaches that are not only practical and low cost, but also effective for any size business. Among the techniques to be covered: image development, customer service, promotion, public relations, networking, advertising, and cross promoting. The seminar provides ideas on business cards, databases, customer referrals, and customer appreciation rewards you can begin using immediately and see a difference in your bottom line.


Non-Profit Status

JRC will alleviate the time and inconvenience of filling out mounds of paperwork and free-up clients to work of project related goals. Let us do your creative thinking and prepare your articles of incorporation and agency Bylaws. JRC will make the application process an easy one for their clients.


Financial Planning / Goal Setting

JRC will teach clients how to access capital through alternative funding vehicles. Clients will realize growth in personal and business portfolios through simplified strategies. Ensuring that clients have abilities to compete in a global economy is a must for JRC, to this end, strategic planning and preparation can be achieved for the short and long term when utilizing our services.


Leadership Development Training

Leadership that produces Power, Purpose, and Performance: Modern day leadership requires vision, inspiration, and empowerment. JRC’s programs help participants affirm or develop new leadership behaviors to meet the challenges that face our Leaders.

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